Jiangsu Focusun Refrigeration CO., LTD is one of the world's leading suppliers of a wide range of ice machines, refrigeration solutions and services in the field of ice making industry. We provide professional solutions for commercial and industrial cooling projects.

World's Leading Refrigeration Turnkey Solutions

Focusun is the leader in automatic ice making field all over the world. And thanks to our decades' experience, Focusun is able to provide advanced refrigeration solutions for customers globally.

We are actively engaged in designing economical and environment friendly ice cooling solutions for various industrial and commercial fields. Focusun's proprietary technologies and internally-developed processes are the fruit of 84 years of continuous innovation, based firmly in know-how built from work in the field. We customize these technologies to create optimized solutions applicable to the specific needs of each customer and each project.

With advanced technology in industrial refrigeration and heat exchange, experienced technical team in Focusun will devote to studying breakthrough solutions in plenty of fields such as ice machine equipments, ice making industry, mine cooling, concentrated heating/cooling and so on.

All-around Customer Service

Focusun intends to bring customers convenience and optimized working process. We earn customers' respect and loyalty by consistently equip them with what they need over their entire value chain – from product design and development to production, sales and service.

Leading Energy-saving Technology

Focusun consistently relies on innovative technologies, and thanks to our years' experience, we can respond more quickly and flexibly to our customers' demands and provide customized project solutions for clients all over the world.

Systematic Factory Management

Applied advanced ISO and 6S management system into daily management of factory, we strictly control every step of production process in order to improve work efficiency and product quality. Besides, we pay more attention to working procedure management to bring more value and better service to customers.

In Focusun, our people have been committed to the improvement of refrigeration industry, and remained the never-changing spirit of technological innovation. Depending on the excellent product quality, superior technical support as well as high-quality service, Focusun has already become a professional supplier of refrigeration equipment with the respects and trusts from global customers.

Focusun, the master of refrigeration in the world.